Sunday, May 31, 2009


Welcome, my Friend, 

Here is another Limerick I have just

given birth to:

My Granny is an old crone,

In the Department stores she does roam,

Where goods disappear

As she shops without fear

And they re-appear in her home.


Peter Frederick

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


ON THE ROAD AGAIN   …..and laughing all the way!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Welcome, dear Friend,

When do authors of books, short stories and poems get their best ideas?Is there a technique that turns on this tap of creativity?

These are often asked questions and the answer is not an easy one. In the absence of any rules and regulations, I can only speak about my own situation and hope that the following may be applicable to anybody who is creative.

Ideas and sentiments cannot be turned on and off at will, but we are able to condition ourselves to recognise this creative moment when it presents itself. To be ready for this, it is always advisable to have a notice book handy, a clip board or a voice recording device to give permanency to these fleeting thoughts.

Sometimes, it is a vivid dream I wake up with and, recognising it as a good story, I note it down, still in a drowsy state of twilight. This is important because once awake sets in, it is obliterated from consciousness. Sometimes I am able to return to my twilight state and retrieve some more details, noting them down carefully, for proper grammar and wording to be worked on later!

This way, I am able to achieve wonderful poetry, stories with a twist I would have never thought of during the day, or even an interesting idea for another book may present itself. It is wonderful to harness this world of sub-consciousness as it is inexhaustible and everlasting.

Another source of lyrical expression is derived from a state of depression. Deeply depressed people are able to compose poetry or other literary works with remarkable depth and feeling which they are normally not capable of. The danger here is that whilst writing down their feelings, they may be emotionally in a downwards spiral, a very dangerous situation!

During the day, really creative people are able to sit relaxed and shut themselves off from their surroundings and sink in a kind of trance. With pen and paper ready, thoughts are recorded in no particular order and will be worked later into a piece of literature.

These principles, of course, would also apply to cartoonists, comedians, speechwriters, in other words, anybody who needs originality and creativity.

In addition to this, there are other helpful tools to assist a writer. For example, learning new words is a daily must as it increases expression and descriptiveness.

Reading other peoples works is important for mind expansion and increased comprehension. They may be masterpieces or from unknown authors, we will constantly learn and absorb in an ongoing process.

Of great assistance is to have one’s outpouring edited by another, qualified, person to ensure universal acceptance of one’s train of thoughts.

There are of course many more sources of inspirations and I shall mention them in later publications. My book ‘Life on the Road’, for example, is a hilarious recording of real life situations, some are too crazy to be invented,

and I have written them down with an alert ear and eager pen!

Peter Frederick

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hello my Friend,

Today, I’d like to write about a system that helps me cope with my various moods when sitting down and trying to write on my manuscript. Being a busy author of books, short stories and poetry, this stands me in good stead and I am very happy to pass this on to fellow writers. My new method is especially helpful when having to write about so-called boring subjects, like long descriptions or uneventful scenes. If you are like me, obsessed with writing, pouring out thoughts and ideas on paper, we have many obstacles to face – all the way to the printed publication!

Labouring under the requirements of strict discipline, this new method entails  working with so-called ‘snippets’!

The first hurdle is one of motivation or writer’s block. We are not always the same person but may feel differently at various times of the day. In my case, for example, having scribbled or typed away busily, as per synopsis, character outline and chapter outline, suddenly a kind of slump set is. I may not feel inclined to deal with a certain situation right now or my mood is suddenly for writing a different encounter which may come much later in my work. 

However, we have a story to follow, that is, as per our chapter outline. It is sometimes difficult to concentrate on dealing with an incident whilst our mind is already racing away, far ahead of our story.

Still perusing the chapter outline of the future book, I have the habit of writing in manuscript mode any detail I just feel like writing about. Whatever comes to my mind and in whatever mood I am at the moment. This is what I term the ‘creative moment’ and it should not be resisted or suppressed by forcing oneself to write about something else as we would lose what I term ‘quality’.

Having finished this piece of writing, I title this paper ‘snippet number 1’, underneath, I state the subject or topic and the result of my word count. After which I file it away in a document file aptly called ‘snippets’.

These snippets do not need to be filed in any particular sequence, however, they will arraign themselves numerically in their document folder.

And now, I glance at my chapter outline to select another subject I feel like writing about.  

My fellow authors will find this a valuable technique which soon fills the ‘snippets folder’ without losing any time or momentum!

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Friday, May 8, 2009


This is a great day for celebration! Whilst outside my windows the clouds are thick and dark, heavy with rain, I am sitting at my desk, expressing my elation in words.

It give me great satisfaction communicating this way, painting with descriptive words and conveying a message. Whether in prose or rhyme, outpourings come easily and very soon an article is written, a poem is accomplished. or another chapter of a book has been achieved.

Whenever I sit down and rhyme,
emotions well up all the time.
Of sadness and cheer
I write them down here
with my fountain pen, line after line.

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Please feel free to contact me as it is always a pleasure to receive news from you, dear reader, and from your part of the world.

Peter Frederick