Saturday, April 25, 2009

About Peter Frederick

For most of my working life I have worked as a representative in sales, either retail, wholesale or in manufacturing. And whilst it was most satisfying to make a product change hands, it is even more so when providing a great benefit to the people I've met. This wonderful relationship with people intensified by my offering lectures at a technical college, lunchtime product presentations with groups of architects and interior designers.

And, travelling across the beautiful Australian countryside, I have met many interesting people, characters from all walk of life, cultures and organisations.

They were all colourful and I started to make notes about them and the funny happenings I encountered. Some of them were so crazy, they just had to be true as nobody could make up some of these stories.

Like the two men dancing on the footpath were, at close-up, a man and his Great Dane, a fellow traveller who had washed only one side of his company car, the one facing his managing director’s window, the dog with three testicles causing a scandal in a dog show and the list goes on.

So, when sitting in my motel room and when I had finished writing reports, faxing orders, studying for my university degree, I started to combine my private notes into this book: LIFE ON THE ROAD - A Salesman’s Lot.

Many factors played a role in my travels, my great boss and my dear colleagues I've worked with, the beautiful areas I travelled through, the many different and wonderful people I've met, their confiding in me with their thoughts and aspirations and, of course, the lovely animals I've come in contact with.

And I noticed how elating it was when I gave my writing some colour, using more descriptive words and when conveying emotions with warmth and empathy. And with writing came the longing to write forever - stories, poems, and more books.

The many mishaps and adversities I encountered are now all factors in this book, enriching, cheering and uplifting the reader.