Monday, May 10, 2010


I cannot convey the pain I’ve had,

the agony of feeling bad,

slumped deep in a chair, despairing,

not moving, thinking, beyond caring.

What matters when the phone rings shrill,

door-knocks, loud – I have no will!

Nothing matters ……

Reality is cruel, hurting,

betrayals were around me, lurking,

people with an axe to grind,

motives unknown, pretending kind,

they work against me, scheming, spreading,

I sink, despairing, raging, saddening!

Life in tatters…..

I must cut loose these undeserving

so-called friends, so life-disturbing!

They draw from me and leave me empty,

got what they wanted, never thanked me!

My feelings hurt from their abuse,

feel screaming rage but what’s the use!

No fighting strength.

Who knows what’s said behind my back,

photos snapped and rumours spread,

who shadowed me and spied and listened,

what I worked for, in an instant,

is destroyed, the years now useless

of built success – they are too ruthless!.

These master scoundrels.

Peter Frederick

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