Friday, December 4, 2009


In the world of writing, there are many wonderful specialisations: Whilst some authors may concentrate on writing thrillers or love stories, a very important function is that of the historic or research writer who records almost forgotten facts and happenings - just when they are about to slide into oblivion!

One such expert is Jenny Davies who is a child of Melbourne, Australia and her first creation is a very impressive achievement indeed! Having been born with an inquisitive mind and solid respect for buildings that have been created long ago with pride, she discovered very early in her life hat they have a lot of knowledge to pass-on to present and future generations. Provided, they were found, recorded in an historic tome, augmented with photographic documentations and scientific drawings.

One such building, Jenny found, is the Melbourne Flinders Street railway station, a very large, elongated building, next to the Princess Bridge and stretches down Flinders street to the intersection with Elizabeth Street and beyond an enormous block!

With its hundreds of rooms, most of them closed and unused for many decades, Jenny sensed that so much is there to be re-discovered about its past and therefore about the past people of the City of Melbourne and Australia as a country.

Her book Beyond the Façade Flinders Street, more than just a railway station is Jennys proud result of exhaustive research, collected with painstaking searches through archives and conducted with great love for Australias past achievements. It is supported with a profusion of historic photos and illustrations, taking the amazed reader back to times long past and the people who created this nation.

And her books publication coincides with the 100 year jubilee of Flinders Street railway station, with the corresponding celebrations organised by Jenny herself with the support of Metro Trains Melbourne. In this, Jenny will contribute her part with lectures, presentations and the promotion of her truly historic work Beyond the Façade. A Centenary, Limited Edition (boxed, signed and numbered) of her current book will be launched at Fed Square Book Market on Saturday 12 December at 12 noon. The Launch will be accompanied by a photographic display on the Big Screen.

An Exhibition entitled “The Station Turns 100” will be held in the Degraves Street Subway from 4 to 23 January with support from Platform Artists with works by artists Tristan Tait and John Bates. The Launch is on Friday 8 January, 6 - 8 pm. Everyone is welcome!

We all can only admire and congratulate Jenny to her outstanding achievement and wish her many more creative years of researching the Melbournes past and preserving history for posterity!

(Jenny Davies can be contacted on her website

Peter Frederick

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