Friday, December 11, 2009


I have waited for you,

for many long years,

despairing and lonely,

with eyes full of tears.

You've left me and promised

your early return,

in freshest of bloom

for you I did yearn.

Your tenderly nearness

I yearned for so much,

your smile and kind eyes,

your sweet voice and touch.

Through illness and hardship,

alone and despairing,

my heart ached so much

from all my yearning.

My prayers were sent

to wish you keep well

and to wish you near me

to God I did tell.

The years have been fleeting,

I've been through them yearning,

with praying so hard

for your returning.

I have waited for you,

now I am ill and so sore

and you've come to my bedside

but I don't need you any more!

Peter Frederick

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