Friday, September 18, 2009


LETTERS 'F' to 'J'

The F-word is quite often heard,
Footy is no game for a nerd!

A Galah is not always a bird,
the Grampians we know - what's Gariwerd?

'Hooley Dooley' is said as surprise,
to give Hampers at Christmas is very wise!

Too much Idiot Box can be a folly,
an Icey pole is a frozen lolly.

A Jelly is a delicious dish,
which can't be said for the Jellyfish.

Will be continued.....
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Peter Frederick


  1. This poem has a good flow to it, and it is teaching me a lot about Australia. This has motivated me to make Australia a new learning frontier.

    At first, almost nothing made sense to me, so I started looking up words and piecing it together.
    Now I see the cleverness in the writing... Good Job!

  2. Dear Izzy,

    Many thanks for your kindness leaving a comment on this blog site. As you can see, I've had so far very little messages from my visitors.

    Yes, the poem Australian Alphabet uses a lot of colloquial words, that's why it is funny. But there are, of course, other poems on my blog site, mostly Limericks to cheer up visitors.

    I shall soon publish a short poem full of Americanisms - just for fun!

    By the way, my son-in-law is American, African American, as he describes himself and I have two lovely coffee-coloured grandchildren. My grand-daughter looks like a Brazilian dancer from the Carneval in Rio!

    Would you like a souvernir from Australia? A calender or a
    koala or a platipu? (What the hell is that? I hear you ask?)
    I would love to send you something for your kindness and only need a postal address - any postal address from you!

    So, let's stay in touch and I shall keep visiting you great-looking blog site.

    With kind regards,