Tuesday, November 9, 2010


With days so dreadful, with my heart so sore,
there appear in my mind the days of yore,
when young and with optimism brimming
I skipped through life with cheery singing.   

Achieved distinctions through study intense,
mastered exams with dedicated sense,
respected by people who saw me succeed,
there were no limits, for that was my creed.

From a certain age on they look at you diff’rent
‘You have no hope!’ is the message they sent.
‘It is hopeless for you, you shouldn’t strife
‘cause others want your position in life!

But this will not happen, despite them,
And other’s low motives that drive them.
There are many more goals to achieve,
But first I will keep my depression brief.

With writing, drawing and teaching the learners,
Engaging in office work for earnings,
I am constantly improving my life,
And enjoy the rewards for all my strife.

Peter Frederick


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