Friday, April 23, 2010

THE WAY OUT........

The man wakes up – ‘What dreadful day!’

His little cat did hear him say;

His wife with open mouth and wide,

And loud, shrill voice, they hear her chide.

The whole street down her voice does ring

and all the neighbours feel its sting,

But devastating most it is

For this old man who’s soon deceased.

His shaking hand, a handgun grabs:

‘It’s time that all inferno ends,

I want no more of life, so-called,

Where pleasure long ago has stalled,

Existence means unending drag!’

His will to live did always sag

But what she adds and without shame,

He cannot put up more with same.

For him the morning’s dark around,

And with determination sound,

He points the pistol to his head,

A trigger-pull, a shot is heard,

A body ’s slumped, a life receding,

Fast and with minimum of bleeding

And without feeling sorrow, pain,

His life is gone – he’s lived in vain!

Peter Frederick

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