Friday, November 20, 2009

ODE TO JADE (My granddaughter)

I love a girl, small and fine,

with jet black hair and eyes that shine,

and lips so sweet and teeth so white,

her smile is brilliant day and night.

Her skin is brown, her body lissome,

hands are nimble, her toes are kiss-some,

her body is to squeeze and sigh

and cuddly, if she lets you nigh.

And when she walks, with tiny feet

in fashion sandals down the street,

and hips that wiggle to and fro,

To ev’ry boy she smiles ‘hello!’

What is your name? that darling asks,

starting friendships that do not last.

It doesn’t matter they all are welcome

whether ugly, fat or handsome.

Meeting dogs is her delight,

They jump at her with all their might,

And love her too and lick her face

with wagging tails in quickest pace.

She loves her ice cream, cone or stick,

a cheeky tongue goes lick, lick, lick,

a ‘mmm’ is heard and what a sight,

her face and fingers need a wipe.

And her proud daddy, when around,

serves as her fav’rite playing ground.

Climbs round on him for a long time,

gets kissed and tickled all the time.

When music sounds aloud and rhythmic

she cannot help it, she is with it,

with stomping feet and swaying hips

and cheery laughter from her lips.

When she visits her grandparents,

Her love for them becomes apparent.

She kisses, cuddles and many a word,

loving, caring, are then heard.

At Christmas time, the best of seasons,

she loves her presents with good reason,

unwrapping them with Christmas cheer,

as she was good throughout the year!

A year has gone and what a sight –

She’s taller now, more adult-like.

What will the future hold for Jadey?

God bless you my little baby!

Peter Frederick

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