Saturday, July 4, 2009


Welcome, dear Friend,

Today, I will tell you about the most important person for an author, an artist and other creators of beautiful things.

It is the expert who helps to let the world know about it. In the digital world, it is the promoter of the internet website, a search engine optimiser, an internet website designer!

There seems to be a glut of them on the net, with their enticing websites that contain powerful words and phrases. However, in the past, I have found them all wanting - until I came across my current website designer and SEO expert, who made my author’s dream come true!

Therefore I would like to mention it here in gratitude, unashamedly recommending and promoting their business activities, their talent and creativity.

Whilst I am not sure that I am helping this excellent company with my little outpourings of praise, I am totally satisfied with their expert assistance and am therefore sure of showing my gratitude the correct way!

Please let’s stay in contact!


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